Emotional Clearing Workshop


Emotional Clearing Workshop


“We cannot selectively numb emotions. When we numb the painful emotions, we also numb the positive ones.”

-Brene Brown

One of the greatest gifts that Reiki brings, is its ability to support us in moving through memories and emotions that may have been stored in our tissues since childhood.

Join us on Monday, September 23rd from 7:00 - 9:00 for an exploration of energetic practices and techniques used to empower both ourselves and our clients as we move through emotional shifts.

Handouts will be provided and time will be given for hands-on practice.

This evening is a part of our “Deepening Your Reiki Practice” series.

“Deepening Your Reiki Practice” is a series in which we explore real life conditions that arise when clients are on the table. You must have certification at any Reiki Level to join this evening. Some weeks we'll also hone the focus on specific issues - say, backs or emotions, the endocrine or nervous system, or on further deepening skill like sensing energy. This is a deep practice night: we'll learn with each other, through each other.

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