Psychic Development


Psychic Development


Our monthly Develop Your Psychic Abilities Class is designed to help you learn how to work with your guides, connect with your own psychic abilities and develop your natural born relationship with the universe.

Class topics inc

Oct 15th- Meet your spirit guides/ pendulums

Nov 20th- Psychometrics

Dec 11th- Flower readings

2019- How to read oracle cards, meduimship and much more....

Classes begin with meditations designed to help you remember your innate abilities and fun exercises to build your confidence.

This class is designed for beginners who are ready to explore their abilities that they have sensed were under the surface.

Sarah teaches with patience, compassion and a whole bunch of humour!! Classes are safe, fun and light hearted.

If you have always wondered if you have psychic abilities, the answer is YES!!! We all do!!!

Sarah’s class is a perfect way to explore your intuitive side while embracing the joys of working with Spirit!

*Supplies included in Price.

** Classes are $30 with the exception of the Oracle card class which is $65 and includes a beautiful John Holland Deck.

**** We will need at least 4 attendees to make the class work. Classes may be canceled if we do not have enough students.

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