Lucid Dreaming

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Lucid Dreaming


What is Lucid Dreaming and why is it so powerful?

Humanity spends ⅓ of our lives sleeping yet, not even ⅓ of us have tapped into the endless possibilities for growth and adventure held within the dreamscape. Let me be your guide on a journey through the sylvan palisades and impressionistic skies of your resting life. I will share with you the basic techniques and practices to bring all the wonder and beauty of vivid dreaming into your life. We will be covering all types of dreams and other sleep time phenomena, together developing easy hacks to expand your dream life 10 fold. Please bring a pen and paper and the desire to become a more vivid and lucid dreamer.

This evening on Lucid Dreaming will be facilitated by Nat Jack.

Who is Nat Jack??
Nat Jack is a world travelling leader in the conversation on our dreams and existential experience. Having a preternatural connection with the dreamscape from an early age, he wished to share his knowledge and experience everyone so that they would know the natural privilege of lucid dreaming. He continues to travel the world learning and sharing techniques, stories and theories about dreams around the globe, and we look forward to you being one of them.

Dates & Times
Day 1 Wednesday February 13th 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

In this 1st evening we learn how to change your Life using Lucid Dreaming.

Day 2 Tuesday February 19th 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

In this 2nd evening we learn how Lucid Dreaming can be used to consciously choose your Destiny.

Please bring your enthusiasm and be prepared to take notes.


$25 for the 1st night, or both nights for $44.

We invite you to join Nat & Dana Kerry Gullins as he shares these amazing proven techniques that have helped many people effectively reshape their life!

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