Shamanic Reiki Level 1

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Shamanic Reiki Level 1


Join, Marci Harriott, Shaman and Reiki Master Teacher on a journey that will take your Reiki practice to a new level by blending the ancient realms of Shamanism and traditional Usui Reiki.

Discover that shamanism and Reiki are both powerful by themselves, but together their power increases and new healing experiences unfold as you combine these two powerful healing modalities.  • Tap into ancient healing wisdom to transform your Reiki healing practice

• Meet and work with your power animal(s) and other spirit guides

• Navigate the lower, upper and middle worlds through shamanic journeying

• Harness the power of the Shaman’s healing tools: drum, rattle and animal medicine

• Be held in sacred circle as you learn to create your own sacred healing altar

• Learn how to hold the energy of sacred space and become a vehicle for spirit guidance

• Enrich your Reiki practice with potent shamanic healing tools

• Maintain healthy energetic boundaries

• Shamanic distance healing

• Give yourself and others a Shamanic Reiki healing session

• Make a Shamanic sacred red bundle to take home with you

Next class: Saturday, May 27th, 2017



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