Kundalini Reiki

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Kundalini Reiki


What is Kundalini Reiki? Kundalini Reiki is a unique form of Reiki channelled in the 1990s by Danish Reiki Master Ole Gabrielsen. It is an extremely distilled form of Reiki with an emphasis on igniting a process of personal growth and expansion. Kundalini Reiki lacks the traditional symbolism of Usui Reiki. It is a synthesis of the philosophies of Reiki as a spiritual (Sky) energy with Tantric notions of Kundalini and Earth energy.

How is it Different from Usui Reiki? It is transferred to students through a series of 3 attunements that you will receive over 3 weeks. It is important to allow time between the attunements for your nervous system to integrate the new energies.

The series of attunements will work to open and clear your personal energy channels (chakras and meridians) and begin the awakening and/or aligning process of your inner Kundalini fire. This energy will rise from the Root Chakra up the spinal column to unite with the Reiki energy entering through the Crown Chakra. Because Reiki is an intelligent energy the Kundalini awakening is perfectly balanced; the energy will flow through your system is a way correct for you and your current state. This form of Reiki emphasizes the union and balance of Heaven & Earth energies within your being.

By the final attunement, you will have learned tools to draw upon the strength and power of both these universal energies for the purposes of healing and self-development. You will be able to treat yourself and others using, as well as send Reiki at a distance and to any situation for karmic healing, including DNA repair, past life and birth trauma healing. The final attunement qualifies you to pass Kundalini Reiki attunements to others.

When: 7-9pm on 3 successive Monday evenings, March 13, 20, 27

Prerequisite: Usui Reiki Level 1

Instructor: Colby Gaudet 


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