Workshop Feminine Wisdoms : connect to your cyclic nature


Workshop Feminine Wisdoms : connect to your cyclic nature


June 1st - 8th - 15th - 22nd

Menstrual cycles are a big part of women's life. Some of us have a hard time going through them, experiencing pain and frustration, while others literally disconnect themselves from these sensations (consciously or not). These troublesome experiences can often generate a feeling of instability and guilt. Indeed, these cycles are a part of our lives that we don't know well or very little, something we are unable to control.

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I would like to invite you to discover the extent and strength of these cycles by revealing a different emotional and physical understanding of those. I welcome you to join me in a 4 sessions journey where we will slowly meet and explore our cyclic nature and its potentials by creation, dance, journaling and discussions.

Each session is the occasion to explore a new phase of your cycle in its radiant and dark faces. Cycles are different in frequency and intensity. I invite each woman to trust her body and sensations.

Why would you attend this program ?

Because you are curious and would like to better know yourself, or discover this part of your feminity.

Because you had or have an unpleasant experience of your cycles and you'd like to change your understanding and feelings into something more positive or different: compassion and self-acceptance.

Because you are looking for a reconnection or reappropriation to/of your body and feminity.

4 sessions of 2 hours, 6.30pm on Friday June 1, 8, 15, 22, 2018 at the Westcoast Reiki Centre

150 CAD, spaces are limited, REGISTRATION at

*7 people maximum

Who am I ?

Until rencently and since my teenagehood I had a painful relationship with my cycles. My vision and my experience of my feminity have been distorted by this frustrated relationship.

With time I realised it had an impact on a big part of my personal and profesional life. I suffered by denying this part of my feminity.

3 years ago I met people by chance and discovered the concept of feminine cycles. It is a constant and fascinating exploration and it changed my life.

I wish to offer the same possibility to others by sharing my experience and proposing them a space where they can find confidence to start their own journey.