Foundations in Crystal Healing

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Foundations in Crystal Healing


Ever wonder how crystals can ameliorate your life? - improving mental clarity or helping relax or energize. This introductory training will acquaint you with the unique and diverse energies of the crystal families, as well as equip you with tools to build relationships with them in daily life.The primary focus of this training series is to showcase techniques and applications of crystal healing for the Self. As a means for you to experience your own unique energy bodies, we will explore crystals through the map of the chakra system. This will allow you to experience crystal energy on an inner level. The other primary focus of this workshop will be using crystals to access understanding of your psychic gifts (clairvoyance/audience/sentience, etc.) as pathways to the crystal realm. 

In addition, this foundational training will also include:

·  attuning to crystal energy

·  selecting and purchasing crystals

·  tips on buying and things to be aware of

·  charging and programming crystals

·  clearing and resetting crystals

·  opening and aligning the chakras

·  designing and constructing crystal grids and altars

·  elixirs and baths

·  crystals and the seasons

·  recommended reading; resources

What sets this crystal healing training apart from others is its emphasis on seasonal correspondence. By working in tandem with the cyclically manifesting energies of Nature, the crystals’ energies are amplified. Through this synchronicity, greater potency is lent to the work. It has been designed to coincide with the seasonal energies of spring. The Advanced Crystal Healing workshop series will align with the Vernal Equinox, with the intention that your relationship with the world of crystals will grow and unfold as spring arrives and moves into summer!

Instructor: Colby Gaudet   

Next Classes: February 25th and 26th

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